Dry Sweeper Refills

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Dry Sweeper Refills

Sweep Smarter! We've designed these with you in mind!

SMART® Dry Sweeper Refills are 10% bigger and the 3D Quilted Technology makes our refills thicker and fuller, with consumer savings up to 20%!

  • The 3D Technology & Silicone Formula leaves floors up to 3 Times Cleaner
  • The fibers composition makes them "electrostatically active." Helping to attract dust and dirt
  • Once the floor and Sweeper create friction, The SMART® Sweeper gains a negative charge and becomes a "Dust Magnet"
  • SMART® Dry Sweeper refills pick up more dirt, dust, and common allergens than traditional methods
  • Developed and responsibly Made in Germany

SMART® Dry Sweeper Refills work with most electrostatic sweepers. They are perfect for dusting and picking up dirt that's been tracked into the house. Outperforms brooms and vacuums on hardwood and tile flooring.

SMART® Sweeper:


  • Compatible with the Swiffer® Sweeper
  • Traps and locks, dust, dirt and hair
  • 10% larger than the leading brands
  • More sheets in each box, than the leading brands
  • SMART® Sweeper has been independently tested to perform better than the leading brands


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