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Absorbs more than 15 times it's weight!

We know paper towels and cloth towels are the first go to when a big spill happens! WHAT IF instead of using countless paper towels or multiple rags, you could use just ONE!?

Our Amazing Shamtastic!® cloth absorbs 15 times its weigh in liquid - It's like a spill never happened!

Check out our video below to see if work IN ACTION!

Absorbs like a sponge, Wipes like a towel, and Dry's like a shammy. Unlike microfiber products made from petrochemicals, your Viscose ShamTastic® Towels are made of natural, renewable materials grown in sustainable forests. 
Item Details:
  • 1 Piece - 20" x 14"
  • 6 Piece - 2 Jumbo (27" x 20") + 4 Large (16" x 15")
  • Durable
  • Saves Paper
  • Reduces Waste
  • Machine Washable
  • Made of Natural Fibers

Kitchen & Bath

Ideal for appliances, counter tops and all home surfaces. ShamTastic® is perfect for wiping shower walls, as a bath mat, drying sweaters, cleaning pets, and polishing faucets. Use to wash and dry dishes or underneath the rack.

Dusting & Polishing

Use ShamTastic® wet or dry to clean floors, walls, basins, and furniture. Wash and dry windows and tiles. Polish chrome, stainless steel and wood. Use with any of your favorite cleaning products to attract and hold dust like a magnet. 

Care & Use

For maximum absorbency, use folded. Rinse after each use. When dirty, simply hand or machine wash. If needed add bleach. Air dry or tumble dry with no heat. 

Carpet & Floors

ShamTastic® is great for absorbing wet spills from floors and carpets. For carpet: wet – wring out – fold several times – place on top of spill – add pressure – wring out. Repeat until the entire spill is gone. For wine spills: pour water on the spill and simply wipe.

Cars & Boats

ShamTastic® can be used with soap to wash cars, boats, trucks and RVs. For streak free drying: always wet, wring out and pull – in one direction only! Use to apply any type of wax or polish. Great for boat bailing or in the gallery. Not affected by gasoline, salt water or chemicals.


Care & Use:

  1. Wet & wring out before and after each use
  2. Hand or machine wash. Air & tumble dry with no heat
  3. DO NOT use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency 
  4. Cared for as directed, you reusable cloths will provide long-lasting service without losing their strength or absorption power. 

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