Reusable Dish Scrubs

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Reusable Dish Scrub

The "All-In-One" REUSABLE Dish Scrub Cloth

Stop throwing out sponges and using countless paper towels! We've made things easier and more cost effective for YOU!
Made from Viscose, a natural fabric made of fibers harvested from trees grown in sustainable forests, The Reusable Dish Scrub has “resin power points” that provide powerful non-scratch scrubbing and wiping to remove tough grime and caked on food! The best way to scrub pots and pans, scrub dishes or wipe down counters is with the Reusable Dish Scrub.
  • Made from Natural Tree Fibers
  • Washable for Multiple Uses
  • Scrubs and Wipes Dishes
  • Non-Scratch Surface
  • 14" x 10" Cloth Size (2 Piece or 3 Piece Pack)
Reduce, Reuse, & Save with any of the Smart Value Sets
Create the ultimate ecofriendly scrub experience with Natural Home's Chemical Free Soaps & Spray

Care & Use:

  1. Wet & wring out before and after each use
  2. Hand or machine wash. Air & tumble dry with no heat
  3. DO NOT use fabric softener as it will reduce absorbency 
  4. Cared for as directed, you reusable cloths will provide long-lasting service without losing their strength or absorption power. 

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