Break the Paper Towel Habit

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Break the Paper Towel Habit
They’re convenient and easy to use, but they’re bad for the environment. You don’t need an intervention to break the paper-towel habit
Paper towels are great for wiping up a spill, cleaning a mirror or drying hands, which is why the average American family uses about two rolls of paper towels every week! So whats the problem?
So what’s wrong with paper towels?
  • Trees are cut down. The “paper” in paper towels reminds us that our temporary convenience comes at the price of a tree which provides oxygen, shade, beauty, and a home to wild creatures. “Paper towels are made from virgin tree pulp,” says Kristin Arrigo, environmental columnist and author of Seasonal Home Repair Checklist: Eco-Alternatives for Maintaining Your Home. “Virgin” paper towels are those which have no post-consumer fiber.
  • They have a big carbon footprint. Energy, most of which comes from the burning of fossil fuels, is needed to harvest, manufacture, transport, and dispose of paper towels. Producing one 8-Ounce Roll of paper towels releases about 1.25 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Think about it!
  • Paper Towels end up in landfills. You can’t recycle a paper towel — after it has been used and thrown away. it goes to a landfill. In fact, products like paper towels make up more than one-third of landfill trash, according to

How you can make a difference

Switch to a reusable and washable cloth or towel

Reusable cleaning cloths can be used for a variety of different household jobs

Such as some of the following:

  • cleaning up wet & dry spills
  • polishing furniture or appliances
  • cleaning sinks & counter tops
  • washing cars & boats
  • drying off your furry pets

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